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NOAA and partners still looking for J50

The Center for Whale Research has declared J50 dead due to multiple sightings of her family without her in the past few days, the response team is continuing their search on the water and in the air. The U.S. Coast Guard is conducting an aerial search and team members are searching by boat in likely locations in U.S. and Canadian waters.

J50 near San Juan Island on September 7, 2018. Photo by Katy Foster/NOAA Fisheries, under permit 18786-03.

NOAA has not given up. The hotline for stranding reports is 1-866-767-6114. See all updates at http://bit.ly/NOAAJ50J35.

Staff from Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans and U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have been working with a group of veterinarians in an attempt to help the young emaciated killer whale survive.

Plans were made to rescue the young female whose survival could play a critical role in helping the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population - J, K, L pods - survive.


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