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  Not 1 but 2 new orca babies in L Pod

The Center for Whale Research (CWR) can confirm two new calves in the endangered Southern Resident killer whale population: L126 (mother L119) and L127 (mother L94). CWR researchers encountered the two calves during a survey of a group of whales containing members of J pod and the L12 subgroup in the Strait of Georgia on June 30, 2023.

L94 and new calf L127

L119 with hew first calf, L126

L126 is L119’s first calf, while L127 is L94’s third. We estimate that both calves are at least two months old, and neither shows any immediate signs of illness or abnormality.

Both calves were very active and social while we observed them. The sex of the calves is still unknown, but CWR staff will attempt to get additional images of both calves in the coming days.

These are the first calves born in L pod since 2021 and the first calves born in the L12 subgroup since 2018. The first year is challenging for young whales, but we hope that both calves and their mothers can survive and thrive well into the future.

Note: Full Encounter report is forthcoming.

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