Slideshow: 2019 San Juan County Fair exhibits

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Slideshow: Fair 'Expo' earns a prestigious Black & White Ribbon from state

Another successful San Juan County Fair wrapped up Saturday night after four full days of exhibitions and friendly competition. The Main Building which was filled with exhibits ranging from photography to flowers to arts and crafts was awarded a Black & White Ribbon by the judge from the state Fair Board.  The judges don't award the Black & White award every year. 

Fair Board member Jen Rigg hands the Special Recognition Award to Lenore Bayuk (center) and Mo Sloane. Matt Pranger photo

Also receiving special recognition was the Fruit and Vegetable exhibition. Superintendents Lenore Bayuk and Mo received the San Juan County Fair Board's Special Recognition Award.  

The slideshow includes photos of exhibits in the Main Building, in the Wool Shed and the Trash to Treasure Department. 

Matt Pranger photos

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