Slideshow: 2019 Rock 'n Roll Regatta at Port of Friday Harbor

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SLIDESHOW: Friendly competition at the Port of Friday Harbor's Rock 'n Roll Regatta Featured


The Port of Friday Harbor's first-ever Rock 'n Roll Regatta drew crowds of folks to the Friday Harbor Marina. San Juan Airline dropped prizes for the Paddle Race. Participants raced to pick up competitors on paddle boards, kayaks and rowboats did their best to retrieve the dropped items.

There was no sinking in the cardboard boat race. The creative entries stayed afloat. Creative and unsinkable cardboard watercraft raced. 

92.9 KISM's Brad and John broadcast their morning and afternoon shows live. Friday's festivities wound up with music from Rocktapus, a beer garden provided by the San Juan Island Lions and food by Vic's Drive In. 

Photos by Matt Pranger. 


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