Slideshow: Fun times at 2018 San Juan County Fair

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2018: Fair feud, Zucchini races, and more at San Juan County Fair - SLIDESHOW

It's the Town vs the County at the Fair Feud at 4 p.m. Saturday, August 18 at the San Juan County Fair. The Town of Friday Harbor team beat the Port of Friday Harbor team Friday and San Juan County's team beat Market Chef's team on Thursday setting up the Saturday's final match. 

During breaks in the game, while the board is readied for the next round, audience members competed in watermelon eating contests and bubble gum blowing. 

At 5 p.m. the  Zucchini 500 racers roar down the track at the Skatepark. Competition has been fierce every evening. 

Photos by Matt Pranger

Fairgoers have enjoyed a variety of musical acts each day and night. 

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