Slideshow: Snow in Friday Harbor - 2019

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SLIDESHOW ADDED: Take a peek at snow covered San Juan Island

Living in the San Juan Islands for the past five days has been a bit like living in a snow globe. We've added 33 more photos - in a slideshow at the top of this page. Slideshow photos by Matt Pranger. 

Working  in Friday Harbor Photo by Matt Pranger

A tough robin in Friday Harbor protects his tree.  Photo by Bill Waxman

Two people walk their dog on De Haro Lane on Monday afternoon. Photo by Sharon Kivisto

Looking out over Spring Street Landing in Friday Harbor. Photo by John Stimpson

View from Kiya Way looking west toward Haro Strait on Friday, February 1. Laura Jo Severson photo

Dylan, right, and Declan enjoy a saucer ride in Friday Harbor after the recent snow storm. Photo by Matt Pranger

Snow people line up. Photo by Jennifer Havel

Minimalist snow person on San Juan Island. Photo by Sharon Kivisto

Port of Friday Harbor. Photo by Matt Pranger

A dinghy at the Port of Friday Harbor. Matt Pranger photo

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