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Fish are biting; anglers are competing

Blackmouth fishing is pretty darn good in the Islands right now.

Everybody seems to be using something different, and catching fish. Bait, spoons, hootchies, you name it, they’re biting it. That usually means there’s a lot of fish swimming around. As long as it looks like a 4” Herring, it’ll get bit.

We had good luck on the Silver Horde Tailwagger last weekend. It's really become a mainstay in our arsenal. Gotta have the 'Wagger in the spread!

Breaking news: The 2015 Roche Harbor Salmon Classic is SOLD OUT! Wow, a sell out before Christmas. Coming on the success of the Resurrection Derby, anglers are itchin' to get out there and compete for cash.

The Roche Derby is the next stop on the Northwest Salmon Derby series. We will see you out there February 5, 2015.

Shoudl be a good one. This year Roche Harbor and Island Boat Rentals are sponsoring two teams who will be taking returning veterans out to fish as part of the Salmon for Soldiers program. Much thanks for supporting our troops.

Tickets are now on sale for the 11th annual Frank Wilson Memorial Blackmouth Derby. Enter at King's Marine in Friday Harbor. This cool lil' local derby runs from February 1st until April 12th. $1000 first prize, and fun included.

All proceeds go to San Juan Island Emergencey Services.

Frank Guard from Friday Harbor hoists up a limit. These are well fed resident hatchery Chinook this year. 

Vicki Telford rocks the 'Hawks's gear on Sunday, landing some nice Blackmouth before watching the Seahawks dismantle the Cards. What an awesome time of year. Fishin' and football Sundays, and our team(s) are on a roll!

Capt. Chris Long of Jolly Mon Charters performs a "Festivus feat of Strength" by holding up two chunky 'Nookies. Frank Costanza would approve. Chris is the Chairman of the Resurrection Derby, which will be donating thousands this year to Glenwood Springs Hatchery on Orcas Island for upgrades to their facility. Bringing Salmon back, for the fisherman, for the Orcas, and for the future. That's what I call putting time and money toward something effective.

Kevin Klein with an Omega-3 laden Pork Chop.

We got Crab Legs! Get out thar and get 'em while the gettin' is good! 

Story and photos by Kevin Klein

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