Fishing Update: Bit of a slowdown

Blackmouth fishing in the San Juan’s has slowed somewhat from the fast start we had in December. There are still fish around, and some big ones here and there as well. The bait seems to be spread around, and the fish are moving.

Hopefully we’ll get more moving in than out in the New Year.

Karen Rhinehart shows off a nice Chinook, and some Seahawk’s pride! Way to represent! Go ‘Hawks, looking forward to Kam v Cam. Bam!

Frankie Guard was "in his field" when he reeled in this salmon during slower fishing. He’s usually just out, standing in his field.

Lance and Karen Rhinehart fight a fish that’s been grabbed by a Seal. Anyone’s New Year’s resolution to be more tolerant should not be extended to Pinnipeds.


The family that slays together, stays together. The Holman clan: Andy, Carol, Alex, and Floyd spend about the most quality time you can get out on the Slayride. I think we should all make a resolution in 2015 to get more kid’s involved in the sport. Someone will have to stand up for sportfishing rights in the future.

Being outside together like this is exactly what is needed to help shape kids today, into the productive, conscientious adults who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Hope to see you on the water this upcoming year.

Be happy, be safe, and take a kid fishing!

Written by 

Kevin Klein, Friday Harbor, PSA San Juan Islands Chapter, CCA Northsound


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