Fishing Update: Lings, flatties, halibut and prawns

It’s that time of year in the San Juan’s…Ling, Halibut, and Prawns. Halibut and Prawn’s are open on selective dates, so read the regs before you go.

Last Friday’s opener was pretty good for Flatties, and Prawn’s have been productive, depending on where you are. I like to bust out the Tuna heads from last summer to use as Shrimp bait. They sure do fit well in a bait bag, and they are pungent and oily.

Some nice Ling’s just under the slot limit have come in all over the Islands. This weather has just been phenomenal too. It’s times like these that getting out on the water makes lasting memories.

The Friday Harbor crew put some white meat on the deck. Fresh Halibut tonight!

Lori Miller got out for some mothers day weekend prawning, and snapped this photo of son Robbie bringing a trap over the side.

Glass flat water and some nice Hali’s made for a good day in Hawg Heaven.

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