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Vicki Klein "Hooks the Hawg"

Fishing Update from Kevin Klein: This past weekend the 3rd annual “Hook the Hawg” derby took place out at Roche Harbor on San Juan Island. The fishing wasn’t red hot, but we did manage to win with a 10.70 lb Coho.

This is a fun little local derby, put on during a great time of year. Beautiful crisp fall weather, with some different salmon to fish on. Thanks to everyone who help put it on. Good times!

Vicki won a little scratch to help with the fuel bill. We landed the fish earlier in the day, and I thought it might have a chance of contending. This time of year in Marine Area 7, you can keep unclipped Coho, Chum, or clipped Chinook. The Coho seem to be running smaller in all area’s this year. Hopefully they’re coming through late as well, as opposed to not at all. 

Not only did we hook the hawg, but then got to eat some hog! Hard to beat that roast pig. Awesome!

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