Halibut, Spot Prawns, and Ling cod ... oh my

Kevin Klein sent in a fishing report: Halibut, Spot Prawns, and Ling cod are now open to fishing in the San Juan Islands. Check the WDFW regulations for specific rules and open dates before you go. With the amazing weather we've had, it's great to be able to get out on the water and get in on some of the finest eating seafood around. Fun and food for the whole family.

(Left) Scott Leeming's got a live one, headed for the fish box. Fresh Halibut tonight! (Right)  Jason Schmidt does the lift and grin with a 58lb Halibut.

(Left) Bob Cannon pulled a nice pot on this haul. Spot Prawn limits came fairly easy for most on opening day. There were mellow tides all weekend, which makes prawning much easier. Without enough weight in a heavy current, a lot of pots get "stolen" by the tide.

(Right) Our friends Par and Angi prepared this great looking prawn dish. That ain't no ordinary happy hour shrimp cocktail! Not by a long shot of leaded line. The daily limit is 80 prawns per person, but with shrimp of this size, it doesn't take many to make a meal.

Bob Wilson takes a selfie with a flattie on the dance floor.

Tyler Rhinehart shows off a keeper Ling Cod while headed back to the dock. The water, the weather, and the fishing has been Smokin'!

Jeff Rhinehart landed this nice Ling..."yup, that'll eat". Fresh Ling cod is about the best tasting fish that swims. Baked, broiled, BBQ'ed, or fried, it's all eye rollin' good.

Anthony Warren caught this slot sized Cod on...what else?...a tuna swim bait. Ling have to be between 26 and 36 inches to keep. The larger specimens are reproductive females that must be released.

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