Cold, wind and full moon slow fishing in the San Juans

Winter Chinook fishing has slowed a bit in the San Juans since the December 1st opener. Windy conditions have nullified some potential days out.

We landed on some nicer fish last weekend. I long armed the phone for a change, instead of the fish, and snapped a salmon selfie with Bob Wilson.

We also had a cold, clear stretch of nights with a big full moon that seems to put the bite off. The best explanation for this I've heard is that the fish feed all night, and aren't as active in the day. Hard to tell, but Blackmouth do seem to get lock jawed during a full moon.

Crab is open until December 31, 2016. Chinook and Crab for Christmas Eve is getting to be a tradition.

Bob Wilson with a chunky Blackmouth. A Silver Horde 3" KIngfisher spoon behind an 11" flasher did the work on this one.

The fish checker at the Port of Friday Harbor gathers information from our catch. This Chinook had a tag in it's head that when analyzed, will show which hatchery it came from.

Some sneaky scrooge has been stealing everything but one side of a head and gill plate in a certain small area in the San Juans. This has been happening more and more, as Pinniped populations have exploded past natural levels in the ocean, Puget Sound and Columbia River. More seal and sea lion eating Transient Killer Whales have been frequenting these waters, and the white sharks are on the hunt off the coast of southwest Washington, and even inside the Columbia River.


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