Fishing Update by Kevin Klein

Salmon fishing in the San Juan Islands has been slow to good, depending on your location. Chinook are not everywhere in Marine Area 7, but if you land on them you should be able to put a couple in the box.

We've had the best luck in July using Silver Horde 3" spoons, tied to 48" of leader behind an 11" flasher.

The limit on Chinook is two hatchery clipped fish. Sockeye can also be included in your two fish limit, plus two additional.

Four Sockeye would be a good haul, but they're hard to catch on sport tackle in the salt. They are schooling fish and krill eaters, so putting a lot of flash in the water and using small offerings can work.

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  • Art Lange
    Art Lange Monday, 07 August 2017 14:00 Comment Link

    Hi Kevin, I live on Orcas Island and my grandson is visiting. Have the humpies started to come in yet? I understand that it is expected to be a small run but I would like to take him out if they are showing up. Thanks for any information you can provide about when and where.



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