Update: Atlantic salmon spreading throughout the San Juans

The Atlantic Salmon that escaped form a net pen in the San Juan Islands are now spread across the area. Reports have come in of Atlantics caught as far South as Bush Point on Whidbey Island. Folks are out there catching them, and forty in a day is not uncommon. There is no limit, but current WDFW rules for other species must be followed while targeting them.

Once you find them on the troll, try casting spinners or Buzz Bombs to them while throwing pea gravel near the boat. Seriously, it mimics feeding time at net pens.These invasive fish need to be caught before they can spread disease, eat native smolts, or mix with natural Pacific stocks.

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  • M Crossen
    M Crossen Saturday, 26 August 2017 17:33 Comment Link

    I have a question? How many gallons of water were inside that so-called pen? What were the dimensions? How deep was it? How big were the fish? How many fish of that size could be stored (so to speak) in an area of that size? Look at the condition of the so-called pen and ask yourself: Were the numbers artificially increased for insurance purposes? If not, those fish were being abused.....


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