Lopez beats close one with Friday Harbor at SJ Country Club

We played our last home match of the season yesterday April 29, 2014 against Lopez. The weather gods looked down upon us with open arms and big smiles.

The team set a record for 2014; it was actually time to break out the sunscreen from the cool golfing kits provided last year by the Ladies Golf Association. We have been too busy trying to get our umbrellas to work to worry about sunscreen; what a nice change!

As you can see from the score, we almost beat Lopez! They have one of the best teams in the League with mostly seniors on the squad. Their coach is worried about next year and the work it is going to take to build a new group of players. It sounds a little familiar!

I am so proud of our team, they continue to improve and we set a team low score with four players shooting in the 40’s. I think everyone but Jordan has broken the magic number, and you can see he was knocking on the door again yesterday.

We have one more off-island match against LaConner next week. We will then move into Tournament mode, the reason we have been practicing all season. Our District Tournament is scheduled for May 15th at North Bellingham Golf Club. This will be our first 18 hole match of the season and it will be interesting to see how the team holds up.

I continually remind myself that most of these players have very little experience. About half of them have only been playing golf since the middle of March. It has been an adventure.

See the latest team photo. Thanks to the Ladies Golf Association and the School for outfitting the team with new shirts! We are no longer the rainbow crew from Friday Harbor. I always remind the players, “When you’re looking good, you’re playing good.” 

Friday Harbor

Kendra Meeker 43

Devan Rousar 62

Jess Hargrove 48

Izzy Shock 60

Cole Thomas 54

Jesse Kolowitz 45

Peter Strasser 47

Jordan Davis 52

Total Low four scores 183



Sam Heller 43

Sarah Reeve 50

Brytt Weber 39

Maddie Fisher 63

Pepe Fajardo 46

Erik Paton 46

Erik Jonasson 56

Total Low four scores 175

Article by Jack Rice, Friday Harbor High School Football Coach

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