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New player, Scramble fun and an off-island match

Long Ball Kowolitz is back. Medalist for the match was Jesse Kowolitz with a 44. I had an opportunity to play with three of the members in the opening day scramble at the San Juan Golf Club. After 18 holes of competitive golf I took Jesse aside and helped him understand why he was having so much trouble with his driving game. In less than one week he has made the adjustments and is back on track for some good golf for the rest of the season.

On a side note, our scramble team of Coach, Kowolitz, Hargrove and Thomas finished 3 under. We lost the low gross bragging rights to Jess Hargrove’s father’s team for the first time in three years.

The 44 for Jesse is a personal best for the season.

We have a new squad member named Joe Stewart. Joe was recovering from an injury from another sport and has finally been cleared to play golf. Joe has a lot of potential and is knocking on the door to become one of the regular traveling team.

Going off the island to play golf in Snohomish is a big deal. The ladies squad is not yet ready to put themselves in that level of competition. Yesterday ended up being an all guy trip.

Friday Harbor Golf Team (44,49,50,51: 196).

Grace Academy (49,50,47,66: 212)

Cedar Park Christian (45,46,50,51: 192) Home Course advantage

Jesse Kowolitz 44

Jess Hargrove 49

Keegan Hebert 50

Jordan Davis 53

Dylan Posenjak 53

Joe Stewart 54

Cole Thomas 55

Written by Wolverine Golf Coach Jack Rice

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