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3 Wolverine golfers advance to Bi-Districts

The 1B/2B District Golf Tournament was hosted by the Gallery Golf Club on the Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island Thursday May 14, 2015. Friday Harbor High School Men’s team was represented by Jess Hargrove, Keegan Hebert, Cole Thomas, Jesse Kowolitz, Jordan Davis all juniors and freshman Dylan Posenjak. Jocelyn Roberts was the only woman to qualify for the ladies team, post season play.

As you see below, three of the six men advanced to the Bi-district Tournament on May 21, 2015. This is the first time we have had any guys advance in post season play in three years.

Probably one of the major disappointments was number one player, Jess Hargrove, having one of his worst rounds of the year. As the ferry was leaving the terminal, I received a phone call that he was missing the ferry. Fortunately, we had two vehicles so one was able to return to Anacortes to meet him on a later ferry. He made it to the course but I’m sure it had an effect upon his performance. Before any big match you don’t want any big surprises.

Jordan Davis let too many shots slip between his fingers and only missed making the cut by two shots.

Freshman Dylan Posenjak did well as the only first time player in this event. He missed the cut by 4 shots. When they look back on how close they came to moving on to the next level it seems easy to find a hand full of shots that could have been played differently. This is the learning process that all golfers have to go through to take their game to the next level.

Jocelyn Roberts enjoyed the opportunity to compete at this level. We are expecting great improvement in her over the coming summer if we can keep her on the golf course and out of the pool.

Next week, our task is to find a way to eliminate all the wasted shots on the golf course. Only nine men will move onto the next level. Our lowest man finished 10 in the first tournament.

We’re going to join up with another District to play the bi-district event.

Moving to the next level is not going to be an easy road. There will be no room for mistakes but that’s the way it should be, only the cream comes to the top.

Let’s hope some of our kids are ready for the challenge. This is what we practice for; I know they can do it.

Thanks for all your support.

Jack Rice Friday Harbor High School Golf Coach

Gentlemen's District #1 League Championships / Bi-District Qualifier Place School Grade Name Top Score

Gentlemen's District #1 League Championships / Bi-District Qualifier

Place School Grade Name Top Score

1st La Conner 12 Wilson Crawford 82

2nd Grace Academy 12 Jeremiah Lee

3rd Lopez Island 11 Erik Paton

4th Cedar Park Christian-MLT 12 Zach Wallace

5th Cedar Park Christian-MLT 12 Aaron Gillis

6th Grace Academy 11 Austin Likes

7th Cedar Park Christian -MLT 10 Dillon Wallace

8th La Conner 10 Scott Lindeman

9th Friday Harbor Keegan Hebert

10th Lopez Island 11 Alexandre Cloute

11th Friday Harbor Jesse Kowolitz

12th Grace Academy 9 Treton McKinny

13th Lopes Island 9 Nick Zoerb

14th Friday Harbor Cole Thomas

15th Mount Vernon Christian 9 John Phifer

ALT Cedar Park Christian-MLT 11 Trent Hashimoto

Cedar Park Christain-MLT - League Champs

Ladies District #1 League Championships / Tri-District Qualifier

Place School Grade Name Top Score

1st Cedar Park Christian-MLT 10 Connie Korenovsky 101

2nd Orcas Island 12 Mara Nutt

3rd Cedar Park Chrictian-MLT 12 Hannah Campbell

4th Grace Academy 11 Emily Van Dam

5th Lopez Island 12 Brianne Swaanson

6th La Conner 10 Aubrey Swigert

7th Grace Academy 12 Naomi Tuttle

8th Lopes Island 12 Riley Magnusdon

9th Lopez Island 11 Emalie Hobie

10th La Conner 10 Taylor Reimland

11th Grace Academy 10 Kayla Lee

12th Orcas Island 9 Lexi Pence

ALT Mount Vernon Christian 9 Taylor Heaphy

Cedar Park Christain-MLT - League Champs

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