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Wolverine golfers remain unbeaten after close match against Orcas

Golf Update from Wolverine Coach Jack Rice:  Friday Harbor High School Golf team traveled to Orcas Island Thursday, April 7, 2016 to play a match against the Orcas Vikings at the Orcas Golf Club. Medalist for the match went to the Wolverine's Keegan Hebert with a 44. He is the third of the four horsemen (Keegan, Jess, Jesse & Cole) to be a medalist in a match. The fourth horseman, Cole Thomas, tells me he is saving his low round for the District Tournament.

For this match against Orcas, I benched the top seven returning letterman to let the younger players get a little head to head competition. The Orcas men’s team is young and I thought it would make for a better match.

Tanner Wilson took on Rowan Lister and Tanner was able to beat him 58 to 57. Eighth-grader Levi Doenges, shot a 62 against Seri O’Toole’s 65. Ian Volk played to a tie against Leif Gustafson, both with a 65. Rounding out the top four players Nathan Vekved tied Ewan Lister both with 58.

The team continued its unbeaten season with a four stroke win. The seniors put pressure on the under classmen to continue the winning streak. The adrenalin was pumping as the rookies played the last hole. It was great to see them in action and for the younger players to hang in there for the win.

Over the last few weeks I have been hearing rumors about a couple 8th grade Girls on the Orcas team who can really strike the ball. I’m here to tell you, these two young ladies have game. Maia and Zoe Shink scored 45, 47 respectfully. It was an educational experience for the Friday Harbor ladies to have the opportunity to play with these up and coming super stars. Grace and Tenley both shot in the low 70’s but learned a lot about how the game is supposed to be played.

As 8th graders, these two Orcas stars have a lot of golf ahead of themselves. My hat is off to the individual working with them.

It’s not often that I get an opportunity to walk the entire nine holes with one group. I took on the challenge to be the official score keeper for the final group of Nate, Peter, Ben and Logan. These four freshmen are a big part of the future golf at Friday Harbor. Having the coach walking with you for nine holes can be both good and bad. I reminded them that no matter how many 7’s, 8’s or 9’s they make, don’t let a good walk be spoiled.


Wolverine freshman golfers

As you can see from the photo we all took a moment to enjoy the great spring colors. Spring break will be next week and we will be traveling to the Gallery Golf Club in Oak Harbor next Tuesday. The District and triDistrict Tournaments will be held at the Gallery. I will be taking the top seven players to get a firsthand look at the course.

Assistant Coach Shawn Hendricks and I will both have teams in the opening day scramble on April 17 at the San Juan Golf Club. We will each pick three players from the team and see how we can do in open competition. The more times we can put these kids in the heat of competition the better they are going to play when we get into the tournament season.

I want to thank the Orcas Golf Club for allowing us to bring the entire team.

- Golf Coach Jack Rice

Assistant Coach Shawn Hendricks

Friday Harbor Golf Team (57, 58, 62, 65: 242).

Keegan Hebert 44

Jess Hargrove 46

Dylan Posenjak 47

Cole Thomas 49 Jesse Kowolitz 50

Joe Stewart 51

Jordan Davis 51

Tanner Wilson 57

Nathan Vekved 58

Levi Doenges 62

Ian Volk 65

Ben Dillery 69

Peter Kulseth 71

Logan Border 74

Adam Bates 75


Tenley Nelson 71

Grace Willows 75

Orcas Golf Team (58, 58, 65, 65: 246).

Rowan Lister 58

Ewan Lister 58

Seri O’Toole 65

Leif Gustafson 65

Jack Sovelove 76


Maia Lewis Shink 45

Zoe Lewis Shink 47


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