Thomas and Hargrove medalists at last team match

Update from Friday Harbor High School Golf Coach Jack Rice:  The April 26, 2016 match was played at the San Juan Golf Club. Medalist for the match went to Cole Thomas and Jess Hargrove both with fine 41’s. This is a personal best for Cole and he now becomes the last of the four horsemen to be a medalist in a match this season. All four of the horsemen (Keegan, Jess, Jesse & Cole) have taken top honors in a match. With a grin on his face, Jess reminds me that he doesn’t mind sharing medalist honors with his teammate Cole in our last match of the season.


This was our last team match this season. For the next month we will be playing tournaments. This Friday we will host four other schools in the second annual Friday Harbor Invitational. This is an 18 hole event and is a dress rehearsal for the League and District Tournaments we face in two weeks. As a coach, I see the scores improving every week. I don’t think these players actually know how good they can be. My goal is to keep their young minds in check and not let them get too overconfident. Almost every match someone on the team is scoring a personal best.

After being injured in the last match, senior Jordan Davis shot a career best round of 44, finishing in third place and earned his spot on the District travel team. As if that were not enough, he made a birdie on the fourth hole and picked up a free dinner from the Coach. This goes to prove that 80% of the golf game is between the ears.

Another rising star freshman, Tanner Wilson, broke 50 for the first time in competition with a 49. And how about the two eighth graders, Levi Doenges and Weston Switz, who both played their way into the Invitational this Friday with fine scores of 56 and 60 respectively. Levi hit a shot for the highlight reel by chipping in from ten yards off the front of the number ninth green for a 4. These three, along with Joe Stewart will make up the core of the Friday Harbor second team in the tournament this Friday. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see Joe Stewart win the tournament this Friday. He played four holes the other night and had two pars and two birdies. If he continues to improve his game around the green he could be one of the best players in the League.

Not to overlook the women, after the match, I sat down with Grace and Tenley and reviewed their score card with them. If I take out their two worst holes, both of these ladies could shoot in the 50’s. I watched them play the last hole of the day, the par 3 number 8, and they both made 5 footers for a par. If we can somehow eliminate the one hole train wreck, both of these women could compete at the league level and be successful. For only playing golf for six weeks both of these players are doing great.

Friday Harbor Golf Team (41, 41, 44, 44:170).

Jess Hargrove 41

Cole Thomas 41

Jordan Davis 44

Dylan Posenjak 44

Joe Stewart 45

Jesse Kolowitz 47

Tanner Wilson 49

Keegan Hebert 52

Levi Doenges 56

Weston Swirtz 60

Ben Dillery 63

Adam Bates 67

Peter Kulseth 71

Chris Hallock 76

Ian Volk 77


Tenley Nelson 68

Grace Willows 69

Grace Academy (44, 48, 52, 55: 199).

Trenton McKinney 44

Khade Mungaroot 48

Chase Zachery 52

Josiah Tuohimca 59 


Emily VanDam 52

Kayla Lee 71

Jenna Knudson 75


Golf Coach Jack Rice Assistant Coach Shawn Hendricks 

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