No match, but Wolverines hit the links anyway

If it's not the rain it's the ferry. For the fourth time this year we had a match cancelled. The Mount Vernon Christian School missed their ferry reservation by minutes and were put on standby and got left at the terminal. We can thank the road construction, Tulips Festival and an uncooperative ferry worker.


Photos by Theresa Chevalier

The Friday Harbor squad broke into four teams and we played a scramble event. Thursday was the best weather day for golf this year. The course was a little wet but in beautiful condition and the team was decked out in their new golf shirts which were purchased by the local club members. Three of the four teams all finished the round with sub par scores. With all the team watching, Assistant Coach Mr. Sawyer chipped in on the last hole to pick the pocket of the leading team and showed the young whippersnappers who was king for the day.


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