Wolverines win first golf match of season 207-258

The Friday Harbor High School golf team opened its season  with a match against Grace  Academy at San  Juan Golf Club.

Friday Harbor High School golf team  played the B team against Grace Academy because of their level of experience. The medalist for the day was Ethan Havel with a 40. Low players in the match went to Senior Joe Kaden and Freshman Jack Mason both Friday Harbor with 49s.

Team Score:

Friday Harbor (49,49,54,55 207)

Grace Academy (58,66,65,69 258)


Hole Name School


Peter Kulseth Friday Harbor 50

Ian Volk Friday Harbor 46

Ethan Havel Friday Harbor 40


Aidan Shannon Friday Harbor 55

Joe Kaden Friday Harbor 49

Grace 1 Isaac Impola Grace Academy 58

Grace 2 Josh Ridewood Grace Academy 69


Weston Swirtz Friday Harbor 45

Chase Wilson Friday Harbor 56

Miles Williamson Friday Harbor 69

# 3-A

Isaac Brumsickle Friday Harbor 54

Teagan August Friday Harbor 59

Grace 3 John Felme Grace Academy 75

Grace 4 Zach Brown Grace Academy 66

# 5-A

Jack Mason Friday Harbor 49 Freshman

Jonah Strasbourger Friday Harbor 59

Grace 5 RJ Ustaris Grace Academy 69

Grace 6 Kevin Mulvaney Grace Academy 65

# 9

Lucas Wickman Friday Harbor 59

Tyler Fleming Friday Harbor 56

Grace 7 Copper Hills Grace Academy 75

# 8-A

Sander VanHamersfeld Friday Harbor 66

Blaze Bogguist Friday Harbor 68

Nick Copley Friday Harbor 66

Dexter Prescott Friday Harbor 71

Friday Harbor players out for the day: Ben Dillery, Levi Doenges, Jack Knapik, Mateo Blackmon, Torsten Raichlen, Spencer Rishel


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