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Mainlanders win King's Market-SJI Marathon/Half and 10K -


Exuberantly crossing the finish line in the King's Market-San Juan Island Marathon Sunday, June 3.

The mainlanders outran the competition in today's races in the King's Market-San Juan Island Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K. Tim O'Brien, 23, of Maple Valley (3:25:53) crossed the finish line first in the men's marathon, Angela Cota, 24, was the first woman marathoner across the finish line (3:32:49)

Greg Poffenroth from Bothell won the Half Marathon, (1:21:36); Erin Neil, 25, of Boulder, Colorado was the fastest woman (1:35:12). In the 10K Men, Jeff Tindall, of Seattle was first :(49:02) and Melanie Swanson was the first woman across the finish line (:56:01) which was located at the county fairgrounds.

There will be more photos on Tuesday. Matt took a photo of everyone just before they crossed the finish line.


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