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Arden (Lopez) and Posenjak (FH) advance to state golf tourney

Lopez Island High School golfer Tobin Arden took first place in the Gentlemen's 1B/2B Bi-District Tournament at Galley Golf Club this week. Friday Harbor High School's Dylan Posenjack finished tied for fifth.  Wolverine Coach Jack Rice sent in this photo and report. 

Three Friday Harbor players had the opportunity to be part of the Bi-District Tournament played at the Gallery Golf Club, a neutral golf course, giving no team a home court advantage. The Gallery is part of the naval air base and is the home to the famous Boeing EA F18 Growler. This might be the first time I have been on a golf course with a set of ear plugs.

I want to share with you stories about all three players. Last week I reported that Ian won a playoff to win first alternate in the tournament. When Ian pulled his ball out of the hole after making par on the first hole of sudden death, I noticed writing on his golf ball. I asked him to let me see how he marked his ball. Written in bright red letters was the word “Winner”. Stepping up to make par on the first hole of sudden death match says a lot about his character. Unfortunately, no one stubbed their toe so first alternate was not able to play.

Yesterday as freshman Levi approached the last hole of competition I could tell he was getting a little nervous. I asked him, “When you are at the stick of a Cessna 180, about to land at an airplane with a 10 mph cross wind, how do you land it safely?”

He responded with one word, “focus”. Driving a golf ball down the last hole ought to be a cake walk compared to landing an airplane. Levi put all 120 pounds into it and drove the ball right down the middle. He laid his second shot up to the 50 yard marker, knowing he couldn’t clear the trap short of the green.

Every evening at practice we have competition to the 50 yard flag. Levi looked at me and I knew he had this shot in his bag. He nipped a sand wedge off the fairway; it took one hop and stopped 12 inches from the hole. He looked at me and said “I think I won a candy bar on that shot!”

The real winner in this tournament is the player who finishes in 10th place to secure a trip to the state tournament. Dylan didn’t have his best day on the golf course but he was able to tie for 5th place overall. As a junior, this is Dylan’s first trip to the High School State Tournament. It will be fun to see Dylan tee it up in the Tri Cites next week.

As a Coach one of my biggest challenges is to teach players how to be winners. As parents and grandparents, we have all been to pee wee baseball games to watch the kids. When it’s the last inning and there are two out, there are two types of kids in the field. One type is the kid who is just hoping that the ball doesn’t get hit his way because he doesn’t want to make a mistake. Then there is the other kid who is slapping his glove, wants that ball because he knows he can make the play to retire the side and win the game. My three players Ian, Levi and Dylan are all winners.

- Coach Jack Rice


<p><table style="width: 500px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" border="4" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="12">

Gentlemen's 1B/2B Bi-District Championships (Districts 1, 2) 

   SchoolGrade Name


 1stLopez Island   11Tobin Arden 82 2ndCrosspoint    12Alex Weirth83 3rdCrosspoint  11Ethan Haydel92 4th Crosspoint 11Charlie Jones94




 Friday Harbor  11Dylan Posenjak96



Mount Vernon Christian 12Kyle Ekkelkamp96 7thGrace Academy  12Trenton McKinney978thGrace Academy  12Jordan Harris989thMount Vernon Christian  12DJ Droog99 10thPuget Sound Adventist 12Andy Jung100

The match was played at the Gallery Golf Club in Oak Harbor.

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