Umpires needed

We umpire high school baseball for the following high schools: Arlington, Stanwood, Mount Vernon, Burlington, Sedro-Woolley, Concrete, LaConner, Anacortes, Oak Harbor, Coupeville, Friday Harbor, Orcas Island. Some schools have varsity, junior varsity and “C” teams. Some schools just have varsity and junior varsity and smaller schools have varsity only.

We are searching for one or two people in Friday Harbor and Orcas Island who have some experience umpiring and we will provide additional training for or someone that has a great interest and no experience we would also train.

Why are we looking? Most games on Orcas take a mainland umpire ten to thirteen hours(depends on ferry) from the time he leaves home until he arrives home. The game takes about two hours, the rest of the time is waiting at the ferry or traveling. A local umpire would be minutes from home instead of hours and hours. Friday Harbor tends to be a eight hour commitment for a mainlander.

Someone who is interested has to be committed. Its not easy, doesn’t pay well and someone always is complaining about your calls. It does give a great sense of satisfaction though . You are basically providing a community service and teaching kids about the ups and downs in life. You are covered by L&I insurance during the game as well as liability insurance.

ORCAS AND Friday Harbor have ten home games per year. Occasionally they host an additional playoff game or two.

Currently we have one umpire on Friday Harbor.(John Cornell) When we have games on Orcas and FH the same day, we have to send two people from the mainland to work Orcas and one to Friday Harbor to work with John. If there is just a game in Orcas John will go to Orcas when he can and one umpire from the mainland will meet him on Orcas. A single in FH we send one man to work with John. Before John we would send two mainlanders to Orcas and two to FH. It is very hard to people to spend thirteen hours for a two hour baseball game.

If the island person is interested we would be glad to provide games on the mainland during the summer if they are interested. John has done forty five games for us this year. About a dozen or so on the islands thirty five or so on weekend on the mainland.

If you would like to get a better feel for what it is like being an umpire, talk to John. John is right there in FH @ 951-290-9767. He has become a very good umpire.


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