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Seitz named Player of the Year, Wolverine and Viking softball coaches are Coaches of the Year

The Wolverines and Vikings did extremely well in the Northwest 2B All-League Softball Players All-League. Friday Harbor High School player Thea Sietz was named Player of the Year. Wolverine co-coach Kirk Holt and Viking co-coach Kevin White were named Coaches of the Year. And numerous players made the list for First Team, Second Team or Honorable Mention.

Northwest 2B All-League Softball Players All-League 1st Team, 2018-19

1. Bristol Halverson, Friday Harbor

2. Ava Hoffman, Friday Harbor

3. Jayna Ott, Friday Harbor

4. Grace Pauls, Friday Harbor

5. Flora Lister, Orcas Island

6. Emma Rodgers, Orcas Island

7. Lindsey Simpson, Orcas Island

8. Madison Davis, Darrington

9. Mikah Dewberry, Darrington

10. Riley Banaszak, La Conner

All-League 2nd Team, 2018-19

1. Siri Lindstrom, Friday Harbor

2. Raylee Miniken, Friday Harbor

3. Sofia Garcia, Orcas Island

4. Alyssa Johns, Orcas Island

5. Astasia Monahan, Orcas Island

6. Molly Clark, Darrington

7. Alyvia Wright, Darrington

8. Aunya Carpenter, Concrete

9. Kylie Clark, Concrete

10. Rachel Drake, La Conner

Honorable Mention, 2018-19

1. Liz Cruz, Friday Harbor

2. Victoria Plunkett, Orcas Island

3. Alexis Korr, Darrington

4. Jordan Maltos, Darrington

5. Andrea Rodgers, Concrete

6. Maya Masonhalder, La Conner

7. Logan Lowrey, La Conner

Northwest 2B Softball Player of the Year, 2018-19 - Thea Seitz, Friday Harbor

Northwest 2B Softball Team Coach of the Year, 2018-19

Co-coach Kirk Holt, Friday Harbor and Co-coach Kevin White, Orcas Island

Northwest 2B Softball Team Sportsmanship Award, 2018-19 Darrington High School

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