Wolverines and Vikings battle it out with Viking boys triumphant

Friday Harbor Wolverines played the Orcas Island Vikings on January 10 on Orcas Island. The Wolverines amassed a lead in the first two quarters with very aggressive play. The game changed in the third quarter when the Vikings hit a three-pointer at the buzzer. In the fourth quarter Friday Harbor came within two points of assuming the lead, but trouble scoring on several layup and foul shot attempts  meant they never pulled ahead. The Vikings won by  8 points. Final score Vikings 55 - Friday Harbor 47.

(Left) Remy August goes up for a two point layup.  (Right) Jaden “JJ” Jones glides up to the basket for two points. John Stimpson photo

Next up is a game against the Darrington Loggers on January 14. Boys play at 5:30 p.m.  


Ethan Germain applies defensive pressure. John Stimpson photo 

Dylan Roberson drives toward the basket amid heavy defense. John Stimpson photo

Ty Anderson drives around the defense toward the basket.  John Stimpson photo

Gavin Mason races past his defender to the hoop. John Stimpson photo

Kyson Jackson applies tough defensive pressure. John Stimpson photo

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