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Friday Harbor Wolverines overpowered by Toledo Riverhawks in football playoffs

Nathan Posenjak #10 caught a pass and ran for a touchdown. John Stimpson

Toledo Riverhawks (10-2) ousted Friday Harbor Wolverines (5-5) from the Class 2B football playoffs with a 49-27 victory in Oak Harbor on Saturday, November 6, 2021.

Kickoff was at 3 pm. The Riverhhawks scored first then the Wolverines. At one point both teams were tied at 13-13.

The Riverhawks continued to run the ball in the next two quarters amassing a score of 49.

The Wolverines attempted to rally getting the score up to 27.

It was a loser-out contest so Toledo  advances to the Class 2B state tourney. And the Wolverines wrapped up their season. 

Cody Anderson #21 clears a path for Connor Haines #14 . John Stimpson

Connor Haines #14 and Geoffrey Volk #54 stop Riverhawk runner. John Stimpson


Connor Haines #14 runs 55-yards for a touchdown. John Stimpson

Connor Haines #14 scores a 2-point conversion after the touchdown. John Stimpson

Connor Haines #14 runs another long yardage touchdown. John Stimpson

Cheer squad kept fans spirits high. John Stimpson photo

David Arias #84 brings down the Toledo runner. John Stimpson

Dylan Roberson #7 knocks Toledo runner out of bounds. John Stimpson

Dylan Roberson #7 under pressure throws a pass. John Stimpson

Formidable offensive line blocks for Connor Haines #14. John Stimpson

Geoffrey Volk #54 and Connor Haines #14 put a stop on Toledo running back. John Stimpson

Geoffrey Volk #54 recovers a fumble. John Stimpson

Graham Learing #16 and Dylan Roberson #7 tackle  Riverhawk runner. John Stimpson

Graham Learing #16 tackles the Toledo runner. John Stimpson

Jack Mason tackles the Toledo running back. John Stimpson

Nathan Posenjak #10 runs for big yardage gain. John Stimpson

Victor Velasquez #50 trips up Toledo running back. John Stimpson


Whiley McCutcheon #34 is off and running for a touchdown. John Stimpson

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