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Wolverines cage Lions; Boys and Girls teams both beat Concrete

The Friday Harbor Wolverines hosted the Concrete Lions in Turnbull gym. Dec 10, 2021. This was a league game. The boys came away with a win 60-21 and the girls with a win of 53-31.

(Left) McKenna Clark with a two point layup. (Right) Kalli  Zappelli for a two point shot.  John Stimpson photos

(Left) Ashley Lawson with a two point layup.  (Right) Elli Rollins with a jump shot. John Stimpson photos

(Left) Mia Blackmon with an easy two point layup. (Right) Sarah Cruz with a jumpshot. John Stimpson photos

Half time show from the Cheer Squad John Stimpson photos

AJ Rude sails in for a layup. John Stimpson photos

 (Right) Cameron Wilson for two point jumper. (Left) Jack Mason lays up a two pointer. John Stimpson photos

(Left) Jack Anderson for a two point layup. (Right) Jack Anderson lays one in for two points. John Stimpson photos

(Left) Julian Rich with a jumpshot from the corner. (Right) Dylan Roberson lays up a two pointer. John Stimpson photos

Nathan Posenjack sails in for a two point layup. John Stimpson photos

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