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South Whidbey beat Friday Harbor in season opener; Wolverines host Granite Falls Sept. 9

Friday Harbor High School Wolverine football team plays its second game of the season and its first home game at 6:30 p.m. Friday, September 9, 2022 against Granite Falls. The Wolverines opened their season with a loss. South Whidbey beat Friday Harbor 34-14. 

#34-Whiley McCutcheon Photo by Becky Volk

#10-Nathan Posenjak #24-Chris Gustafson #7-Jaxson Waldron (QB) #54-Geoffrey Volk Photo by Becky Volk

Tackles (L) #24-Chris Gustafson (R) #54-Geoffrey Volk Photo by Becky Volk

 #10-Nathan Posenjak #30-Pierce Kleine Photo by Becky Volk

 #77-Tate Geiser #63-Gavin Garcia #54-Geoffrey Volk Photo by Becky Volk

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