W is for Wren and Della: Countdown to the San Juan County Fair

It's July 21, 24 days until Opening Day of the 2019 San Juan County Fair.  We're posting a countdown going backwards through the alphabet and highlighting a different aspect of the four-day fair. 

Enjoy Juggling Circus Comedy by Wren and Della at the San Juan County Fair. The two have literally been juggling together since the day they met while on tour with a vaudeville show. Now, nine years later, that partnership has formed into a performance style that is entertaining, genuine, and fun. Based out of Bellingham, they've entertained across the Northwest at shows, parties, corporate events, festivals, and more. In their workshops, they share their love of circus and the skills it takes to master it.

Della Moustachella (www.dellamoustachella.com) has a successful solo career that has landed her on stage at Teatro Zinanni, Moisture Festival, Oregon Country Fair, and much much more. Her huge diversity of professional physical theater and stage clown training combined with her positive and good nature result in her unique style - sweet, satirical, and above all hilarious.

Wren Schultz comes at juggling and circus from a more technical and analytical angle. The mathematical patterns and possibilities of the various props have served as his inspiration to develop acts that both technically delight and make audiences roar with laughter.

On stage, Wren and Della bring their respective passions together in a wonderful mix that always leaves the audience smiling. And with a wide range of material, they can bring their genuine style of entertainment to almost any event or situation. 

Watch a video of the two on Youtube. 


Youth ages 5 to 16 are admitted free to the fair if they are an exhibitor. Just choose one of the many categories, ranging from Junior Arts & Crafts to baking to photography to Trash and Treasure, and be sure to submit your entry on Tuesday, August 13, the day before the Fair opens.  Read the rules and regulations in the online Premium Book.

Please note there are special rules for animal entries and an earlier deadline of August 1. Information is in the PREMIUM BOOK.

Adults can purchase a four-day pass for $15 (a savings of $10) if they submit an entry.

Crowds gather at the Skate Park at 5 p.m. daily to watch the action at the Zucchini 500. Contestants line their racers up on the ramps and hope for the best. There are two types of racers, the stock racers include an intact whole zucchini in their design. The freestyle racers must have at least a bit of zucchini in theirs. The other big rule is the racer must fit on the track. The contestants can check their racers in earlier in the day at the Zucchini booth and pick them up just before race time. You can drop your racer off on the first day of the Fair and come back and race every day if you'd like. No need to lug them back home each night. 

Photos by Matt Pranger from the 2018 San Juan County Fair

A zucchini racer is airborne as it zips over the Ramp of Death.

By Saturday, some of the racers look a bit worse for wear. And by the end of Saturday's competition some are utterly destroyed as they participate in the "Ramp of Death". You kinda have to be there. 

Check out the slideshow from last year here. and you'll see age is not a factor when it comes to the Zucchini 500.

For more information about the fair visit the fair's website and the online premium book.


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