Software glitch caused overbooked reservations Dec. 1 Featured

Visitors  returning home from Friday Harbor after the long holiday weekend were in for an unpleasant surprise Sunday morning. Due to a software glitch, the 9:55 sailing from Friday Harbor to Anacortes was overbooked. According to Washington State Ferries staff, the reservation holders who were double booked were sent an alert. 

Because there were too many cars for the number of spaces, the overflow affected subsequent sailings. People complained of waiting for a few hours in cold cars. 

To add more to the chaotic situation, the Samish  was having trouble with its engine and was operating at half speed for most of the day. 

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  • Caitlin H
    Caitlin H Tuesday, 03 December 2019 10:09 Comment Link

    This was also a problem on Saturday. On Saturday for the 0955 a lane and a half of cars with reservations did not get on the boat back to Anacortes because they accidentally loaded all of the standby cars and did not have spots left for those of us with reservations who had checked in on time. The woman who helped us was nice but confused at what had happened, saying it seemed like a glitch that there were more reservations than they were expecting, but her boss was quite rude and screamed "Get that boat out of here." At least there was only an hour wait til the next boat so it wasn't a huge inconvenience but still.... doh.


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